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Best Players Suspended to Start the 2016 NFL Season

Being suspended in the NFL can have a huge impact on team performance as well as team spirit. Some very big names within the NFL were suspended in the 2016 season. The reasons for suspension within the NFL can vary. An NFL team can suffer a great deal if one of their key players is absent from the team.

*Tom Brady a talented and popular NFL figure:

Possibly one of the most talked about team players that was suspended in 2016 was Tom Brady. Even though Brady has served as a huge asset to the team, suspension was inevitable. The important games that Tom Brady ended up missing games against, the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills as well as the Arizona Cardinals. In addition to missing some very important games, Tom Brady was not permitted to attend training camp in 2016.

Brady is considered a definite leader within the NFL. However, once a player is officially suspended there is not much the player can do except fulfill their suspension requirement until they are able to start playing once gain.

*Safety rules within the NFL are strictly enforced:

Vontaze Burfict of the Cincinnati Bengals received a 2016 suspension from the team. It appears the reasons given for Vontaze suspension was that he continually violated important safety rules. Vontaze was warned several times before his suspension took place. However, this NFL player seems arrogant in many ways and does not take direction very well.

The final decision to suspend Vontaze came after a frightening direct helmet to helmet hit with another player. Chris Wesseling discussed the decision to suspend Vontaze Burfict was a difficult one but simply had to be done. Burfict’s absence within the Bengal’s official line up can hurt the chances of the team making the playoffs. Burfict is considered a valuable asset to team.

The Cleveland Browns temporarily lost an exceptional player when Josh Gordon received a team suspension. Gordon was forced to fulfill his suspension by missing four games within the 2016 NFL season. Gordon is without a doubt a talented and devoted player. Josh Gordon was able to make nine touchdowns in fourteen games.

*Josh Gordon: talented but immature:

Josh Gordon was reinstated after he missed the first four games of the 2016 season. Other team players as well as the media have been very vocal concerning Gordon’s team suspensions. Apparently it is no secret Josh Gordon does not make sound and sensible decisions within his personal life. Gordon has been arrested on more than one occasion and his private life has been made very public. The conduct of Josh Gordon off the field was reason enough for his suspension.

Josh Gordon is a talented player. However, Gordon must begin acting like an adult and start accepting responsibility for his irresponsible behavior. Police records and court appearances can greatly distract a player from his required duties on the field.
*Following strict substance abuse policies for players:

Le Veon Bell was suspended for three consecutive games within the 2016 NFL season. Bell played for the Steelers and he continually violated the substance abuse policy. The NFL as well as other sports teams have a strict policy concerning drugs and other mind altering substances. Testing positive for drugs including anabolic steroids is cause for immediate suspension.

Le Veon Bell was originally drafted as a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bell’s substance abuse problems were covered extensively within USA Today. Le Veon Bell has fantasy Stock that actually dropped due to his suspensions.

Marcell Dareus was suspended for four games within the 2016 NFL season. Dareus missed a required drug test and was suspended shortly thereafter. Dareus openly spoke to the media immediately following his suspension from the Bills. It was quite evident that Marcell Dareus was not shy about speaking to reporters. It appears that this player gave explicit detail about why he did not take the required drug test. As with nearly all NFL players once Dareus fulfilled his suspension requirement he was free to return to team.

It seems suspensions within the NFL are nothing new. However, over the years the rules that NFL players are expected to follow have become stricter. Strict rules and regulations for team players are designed for the better good of the team as well as the individual. Famous sports figures can serve as role models for society therefore they should do their best to adhere to team regulations and standards.